My fee is C$68–75 per hour (plus GST/HST in Canada), depending on the material. Different types of editing take differing amounts of time, and more complex text (or text with more problems) takes longer to edit than simpler writing. So I can’t tell you how much it will cost to, for example, edit your book until I’ve seen the manuscript.

Contact me so we can discuss your project and to get an estimate.

To give you a rough idea of the time it takes to do different types of editing, assume the following speeds:

  • 1000–1500 words per hour for copy editing (900–1200 if stylistic editing is included)
  • 2000–3000 words per hour for proofreading
  • 700–800 words per hour for structural/substantive editing plus copy editing
  • 700–800 words per hour for rewriting

Mill copy

“Thank you so much – worth every penny.”

— John Mill, author, Hire Your Buyer: A Philosophy of Value Creation

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