About Me

Donna DawsonI am a Certified Professional Editor (certified by the Editors’ Association of Canada in proofreading, copy editing and structural/ stylistic editing). I have been working as a freelance editor since 1996. I know how grammar works, but I’m not a pedantic stickler – I believe clarity is more important. My training includes more than 25 Editors Canada seminars.

I have edited and proofread books (mostly non-fiction), reports, student education programs, continuing medical education, advertising, brochures, websites, newsletters, manuals, test materials, corporate plans, medical journals and more.

Projects I’ve worked on have dealt with such diverse topics as financial planning and investing, small business/family business, health care (including oncology, alternative medicine and nutrition education), memoirs, international development, theatre and drama, and conservation and sustainability.

I have edited material for specialist/expert audiences (such as specialist physicians and investment experts), for general audiences, for children and for readers who require plain language.

“Seven years after its release, Every Family’s Business was listed by The New York Times as One of the 10 Books Business Owners Should Read. I have never been reticent to share the secret behind this publishing success and the subsequent success of its sequel, Willing Wisdom. Her name is Donna Dawson.”

— Thomas William Deans, PhD

If you’re planning to self-publish a book, I can help you navigate the process and get the best possible result. Since 1996, I’ve worked with more than two dozen authors who have self-published books on topics ranging from health care to early retirement to small business management. I have ghost-written two books, including a fact-based children’s story for a self-publishing author. When editing is complete, I can connect you with other professionals you’ll need, such as designers and printers.

Clients value my quick turnaround, accurate editing and helpful suggestions for improving documents. I have been working with some of my clients for close to 20 years. Contact me and we’ll talk about how I can help with your project.

In 2019, I received Editors Canada’s Lee d’Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award for 10 years of work with the association’s certification program. I’m also a volunteer mentor in Editors Canada’s mentorship program.

For more information, visit my LinkedIn profile and my Editors Canada Directory of Editors listing


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