Providing clarity in written communications for businesses and individuals

I’ve been helping businesses, self-publishing authors and organizations communicate their messages since 1996.

As a writer, your job is to decide what you want to say and who you want to deliver your message to. As a professional editor, my job is to save you the time and stress of ensuring your document is the best it can be: clear, effective – and error-free. I will make sure your writing says what you want it to say, concisely, engagingly and in a way that connects with your readers, while preserving what makes it distinctively yours.

Whether your text needs basic proofreading or complete repurposing, I can help, starting with helping you determine what your document needs based on the text, its purpose and your budget. Get in touch so we can discuss your project.

“Since 1999, nothing written at Avanti Properties Group has been released to our investors or customers without the reliable, experienced, and timely copy editing skills of Donna Dawson. Her work covers our quarterly and annual reports, speeches, press releases, trade letters, presentations and due diligence documents. She has become an integral part of the quality control over all our published material and has provided us with a consistent public style and tone regardless of the writer or where the document was created.” 

— Donald E. Loeb, Chairman, Avanti Properties Group

Latest projects

Upcoming: Editing a writing and editing guide for a nonprofit association

Currently: Editing a report for an investment company

October: Edited mutual fund reviews for an investment company; edited a school nutrition program teacher guide

September: Proof-read two professional certification exams; proof-read an international education annual magazine

August: Edited an investment report; proof-read a cookbook; edited a school nutrition program

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